We live in turbulent – or, to be more precise – in strangely decelerated times. #MOAM – MY OPEN AIR MUSEUM – undertakes a digital-aesthetic approach to art, in times when physical distancing is actually required.

In addition to being responsible in the current situation, it is also a question of finding creative and caring ways to deal with what we are all facing now – resisting complete isolation and allowing social life to continue – using new ways. Try to be connected differently with the world (of art).

  • Normally the museum is the shelter for the presentation of art. In times of COVID19 we have to go new ways – first for a while; but maybe forever.
  • With #MyOpenAirMuseum the artworks are spatially liberated. They are presented for the moment of photography in context with nature.
  • If a walker were to pass by in the forest at this very moment, an unusual interaction would occur: Man – Art – Nature.




The first exhibit of the #MOAM is a print based on a photograph by Joseph Beuys. The photo was probably taken in connection with the action „Stadtverwaldung“ 7000 Eichen at the DOCUMENTA in Kassel in 1982.

Social sculpture (Joseph Beuys)

[…]“that from this point on, my concept of art is a social one, which means that we are not talking here about the traditional thing, but about the possibility of each individual human being in the social concept to be a participant in the „Social Sculpture“. And only under this condition can it be understood when I say: „Every human being is an artist.“

(Marlene Obermayer: Joseph Beuys – 7000 Eichen. Der Versuch einer sozialökologischen Gemeinschaftsarbeit. Seminararbeit an der Universität Wien, den 14. 03. 2014, Seite 14)